Thursday 3 January 2013

LG's smartphone operated air conditioner

After cars, air conditioners also get smartphone friendly, and have voice recognition too.

About a couple of days back we saw Hyundai, a Korea based car manufacturer, planning to replace conventional car keys with a smartphone. And now LG Electronics has unveiled a new air conditioner that can be operated through a smartphone. Called LG Whisen, it is a smart air conditioner that comes complete with integrated NFC (Near Field Communication) capabilities that allows it to sense the user's preferences and work accordingly.

The AC can function with any NFC enabled LG smartphone, like the Optimus 4X and users just need to enter their desired comfort temperature and air speed into the application; they need to tap the smartphone with the AC to make it work. It is especially useful where there are multiple people who would like to use the air conditioner as per their preference. But that's not all, the LG Whisen also has voice recognition capabilities that allow users to control it with speech.

The LG Whisen air conditioner will be launched during the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas next month. That's when more information about the various features of this new device will be revealed.

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