Wednesday 16 January 2013

Anamnesis: A Linux Clipboard Manager

Anamnesis is a clipboard history manager for Linux. It stores the clipboard history, has an easy interface and lets you do full-text search. It is free and open source and is hosted on the Sourceforge website. Automatic installation is not available so you have to first download it and  install manually in 3 steps.

Open a terminal and copy the command-line to the system path in order to install anamnesis command line.

 sudo ln -s/path/to/ /usr/bin/anamnesis

Configure the following commands to be executed on session start-up (System->Preferences-> Session Apps)

anamnesis –start

Configure a shortcut to the graphic interface (System-> Preferences-> Keyboard Shortcuts)

anamnesis –browse

In order to see all the available options within command line type in
anamnesis [options]

for example:

anamnesis –start       – starts the anamnesis daemon
anamnesis –list=20  – lists the last 20 clipboard items, etc.


  • Command-line tool.
  • Stores all text copied to clipboard.
  • Graphics interface to query items from the clipboard.
  • Full text search on clipboard history.
  • Free and open source, hosted on SourceForge.
  • Software dependencies include gtk, python, pygtk, sqlite.

Check out Anamnesis @

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