Wednesday 8 August 2012

Tiny Uploader: A Simple Way To Upload Photos To Imgur & Imageshack From Desktop

Tiny Uploader is software for Windows platform users that allows users to upload images directly to the Imageshack and Imgur websites without having to go through their website. The software is great for people who need to upload an image or multiple images from their desktop to the Imageshack and Imgur websites.

Once you have installed the software, just drag-and-drop the image files you need to upload into the Tiny Uploader app, or if you enable the shell-link option, you can easily right-click images and upload.

From the Tiny Uploader software window, you can select the service to which you want to upload the files to – Imgur or Imageshack – and once done, you can copy the direct link to the clipboard.

The Tiny Uploader software also has a “Screen Capture” tool built in to allow users to take a quick screenshot of the screen or clip an area of the screen and upload it directly to the intended image website.


  • Saves time – upload images directly from file folder (desktop)
  • Image resizing, quality of image – everything can be configured from Tiny Uploader settings.

Check out Tiny Uploader @

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