Thursday 9 August 2012

MapmyIndia launches new 3G tablet

MapmyIndia's Carpad features MapmyIndia map with 3D mapping, car windshield mount, and car charger. The tablet features GPS, 3G and 1 Ghz processor.

MapmyIndia has launched a new Android tablet. Called CarPad 5, this tablet is aimed at car users with inbuilt GPS and a set of car accessories to use the tab in the car.

CarPad 5 works as a GPS Navigator, a smartphone and even as a 3G tablet. It runs on 1 GHz Samsung processor (Cortex A8, S5PV210 ), Android OS, built-in 3G, WiFi and has a 5 inch capacitive touch screen.

The new navigation device is pre-loaded with Aura, MapmyIndia's latest, fully 3D and connected GPS navigation interface.

"After the success of MapmyIndia CarPad, which endorses our view that that there is a strong demand for in-car productivity gadgets, we present the next-generation CarPad 5 to Indian consumers. The CarPad 5 is one of the many in-car productivity gadgets we plan to launch in the near future,” says Rakesh Verma, managing director, MapmyIndia.

The Mapmyindia map installed on the tablet offers turn-by-turn voice guidance to places, augmented reality with 3D landmarks, buildings and terrain, house-level details, travel guides and nearby information and friend finders.

The map covers over 6.3 million places, 5,79,000 towns and villages, 4000 cities at street-level, house-level data for 36 cities and 3D landmarks and building footprints for 34 major cities. All the maps are loaded on to the device, making it independent of the network.

MapmyIndia CarPad 5 is priced at Rs 19,990, which includes the CarPad 5 device with 3G, WiFi, 4 GB SD card memory, pre-installed MapmyIndia Navigator Aura, containing the CarPad windshield mount and a car charger.

MapmyIndia CarPad 5 is available for sale, online at including for Cash on Delivery for select locations.

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