Sunday 5 August 2012

Kulisha: Easily Track, Manage & Pin Social Feeds

Kulisha is an online tool that connects with your social networking accounts such as Facebook or Twitter and allows you to experience social feeds in a very different way.

Kulisha makes it easier for you to track your social feeds using a more graphically enhanced interface. You do not have to bother with the clutter of the website itself. Just check your social feeds and interact with other people quickly and effectively.

Visit the Kulisha website and connect to your Facebook and / or Twitter accounts. Once done, you will see all of your social feeds graphically represented to you on a clean, simple interface.

Users can also “pin” posts they find interesting and worth checking out later. Use the search feature to search through your social feeds for various keywords.


  • Search through social feeds easily.
  • Pin social feeds for viewing later and accessing at any time.
  • Social feeds become easier to check.

Check out Kulisha @

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