Sunday 5 August 2012

GetTheMath: Videos & Challenges For Using Algebra In The Real World

Textbooks and exams are all good when it comes to teaching math, but how do the students know when/how to apply that math in the real world?  GetTheMath is a project that aims to do just that, i.e. teaching students how math is used in the fields of fashion design, video game design and music through simple and short videos.

Once students have watched the videos, they can take online quizzes to apply what they learned to a real world problem.  The website also has a 30 minute video showing how a particular teacher used GetTheMath to teach his kids. High school students can also participate in a math contest to sharpen their math skills.

The website mostly focuses on the use of algebra as compared to other areas of math.


  • See use of algebra in fields of fashion, music and video game design.
  • Take challenges to apply your knowledge.
  • No registration needed.

Visit GetTheMath @

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