Tuesday 7 August 2012

CloudFactory: Provide Millions Of People In Developing Countries With Basic Computer Work

Did you know that billions of people around the world have to try and survive on less than $3 a day?  That is a shocking statistic but it is one that CloudFactory aims to reverse by connecting skilled capable workers in the developing world with basic computer tasks online.  In this way, the workers can get paid and improve their lives, while those providing the work get the tasks done faster.

Based out of Nepal, any literate person with IT skills can receive a small piece of a larger digital project. The project isn’t restricted to Nepal – anyone from around the world can take part, via Amazon Mechanical Turk.  The small tasks are completed by the workers in the developing countries and then they are paid, hopefully helping them to improve their lifestyle.

What can you use CloudFactory for?  Well, the site says anything that a computer basically sucks at doing.  This can include OCR, transcription, data input, tagging images, and much more.  Anything that can be improved by a human brain, instead of a computer.

The site’s mission sounds rather idealistic but you can’t fault the site founders for trying.


  • Have your big web project split into smaller tasks & completed quickly by workers in the developing world
  • Once completed, they get paid, ensuring a better quality of life for them
  • You get your big web project completed faster
  • Tasks that can be done include data entry, image tagging, transcription, and more.

Check out CloudFactory @ http://cloudfactory.com

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