Friday 17 August 2012

Android Google+ now allows joining, creating Hangouts from mobile

Google has released a new Google+ for Android 3.1.1 update that now allows teenagers to create Hangouts.

Google has released a new update for its social network application, Google+ for Android platform. The new Google+ for Android update brings capability to create and join Hangouts from the mobile. Also the users can join the Hangouts on Air public events right from the mobile. Previously, this feature was possible only if the Google+ was being used through a desktop browser. Hangouts on Air feature allows users to stream their hangout publicly on their Google+ profile, YouTube channel, and their website.

Google is adding several amazing features to its social network Google+ and made the application quite user friendly. With the new Google+ 3.1.1 version, even teens can now start the Hangouts right from the mobile phone.

Prior this update, the teens registered with Google+ could not initiate the Hangouts but after applying the latest update, then can start video chats (Hangout) any time from their phone. Of course, a front facing camera on the device is required.

A major feature that will be endured by everyone will be the capability to join the Hangout on Air right from the mobile phone. The app now also offers shortcuts to create a post for sharing it via the mobile itself.

Get the latest update of Google+ for Android from the Google Play store.

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