Friday 3 August 2012

Activtrak: Employee Activity Tracker

ActivTrak is software most suited for business groups and large corporate organizations that need to maintain discipline in offices and ensure maximum effective work is done by the employees.

ActivTrak, short for Activity Tracker, allows groups to monitor their employee throughout their workday and keep an eye as to how the workstations are being utilized. If any website or software is opened, ActivTrak keeps a track of the name of the software or the website visited including document titles and URL’s.

In addition, one of the best features about ActivTrak is the fact that once installed on your employee workstation, ActivTrak is invisible and secured by network rights. Only the network administrator or members of the “ActivTrak Observers” group can view the ActivTrak data.

All of the data collected is done in real-time, and you can shift through multiple workstations, thus allowing you to keep an eye on every employee at work. An alarm feature in ActivTrak allows the “observer” to be notified of activities of interest, to lock users out of certain applications and even automatically record screenshots.


  • Employees spend less time surfing around – and more doing their work, increasing productivity output.
  • ActivTrak is free for upto 3 workstations.
  • Easy to install, handle and manage.

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