Saturday 5 October 2013

MixBit video editing app hits Google Play Store

Founders of YouTube service have now offered a new video editing mobile app - Mixbit to edit video clips and compile videos as long as an hour on a mobile device.

MixBit, a video editing app made by YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chan, is now available for the Google Android platform based devices. The MixBit app is already available for the Apple iOS platform and now the Android version of the app arrives for free. The MixBit app allows editing clips and joining them to make bigger videos.

MixBit video editing app arrives to join the Instagram and Vine apps that allow quick video editing and sharing over the respective social networks. The MixBit app allows recording videos using the app. These videos can be later edited to be as short as one second to be as long as one hour. These hour long clips will consist of 256 clips at the max. Each of these clips are stored as independent elements on the phone so that it is easy to edit them.

Using the MixBit service, users can publish videos, collaborate to create remix videos using the ones uploaded by the community. The service has a mix of original and remixed content to be enjoyed anywhere, any time.

The MixBit app is available for free from the Google Play store and will work only on the powerful hardware bearing popular devices.

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