Wednesday 30 October 2013

Google announces updates to Hangouts app, SMS integration in tow

As expected, Google today announced updates to its Hangouts Android app. According to the company, the updated version of the Hangouts app will now come with support for location sharing, animated GIFs and SMS integration.

Talking in detail about these changes, you will now be able to share your location with your contacts by simply tapping the places icon, and a Google map with your location will be sent to your contact.

As the Hangouts application is also getting SMS integration, you will no longer need to use different apps to communicate with the same contacts. Your texts and chats, both will be visible in the same Hangouts conversation (if you want to).

Among other changes, video calls are also getting some improvements and full-screen video chats will now be offered on all devices that support Hangouts. In addition, Hangouts chats will now be in HD by default.

According to Google, the updated Hangouts Android app will be available in the next few days.

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