Saturday 19 October 2013

Swiftkey releases new beta with more keyboard layouts

Swiftkey has released a new beta of its keyboard app for Android and it is a “complete rethink” of their keyboard, claims the company. Some of the changes that you can expect in this beta include one app for both tablets and phones, undock keyboard from the base and new layouts.

“We’ve dubbed this update ‘Layouts for Living’ because we think it’ll help you get more from your mobile devices, regardless of the context you’re typing in,” the company wrote in a blog post.

Talking about the Swiftkey 4.3 beta in detail, it now comes with three keyboard modes – compact (for large-screen devices), thumb (split keyboard, again for large screen devices) and full (your regular keyboard).

Among other changes, users will be able to undock the keyboard from base and move it around on their device screen; it will especially be useful on large screen devices. Also, there will be only one APK for both tablets and phones with all layouts and features.

“Allowing people to manipulate the location, size and layout of the keyboard not only makes it easier to type – it gives our users a more personalized way to interact with their technology and each other,” said co-founder and CTO Ben Medlock.

Swiftkey 4.3 beta can be downloaded from this link.

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