Thursday 24 October 2013

Dead Trigger 2 now available in Google Play for free

Right on schedule, Madfinger Games released its sequel to the popular Dead Trigger game in Google Play on Wednesday. Simply dubbed as Dead Trigger 2, the game can now be downloaded for free.

Similar to original Dead Trigger, the new game is also a first person zombie shooter set in post-apocalyptic world where human survivors continue to fight against zombies for control of the Earth.

According to Madfinger Games, Dead Trigger 2 is played in real-time, so situations change based on performance or the behaviour of the players.

“This real time and never-ending story will be affected by the behavior of every single player,” explains Marek Rabas, CEO at Madfinger Games.

“With each following update, the action will shift to varying locations and continents with the concrete development influenced directly by the participation of players. The action will be global; players will fight against local zombies in Shanghai, London or in the middle of the desert far away in Africa,” the developer noted in a press release.

Dead Trigger 2 features

  • Option to choose between a touch control scheme created especially for casual players or an enhanced virtual joystick.
  • Cutting-edge graphics, including real time water reflections, dynamic vegetation and enhanced ragdolls.
  • Explore various locations like eerie alleyways, abandoned mines or the African desert.
  • Real-Time story development
  • Different types of missions such as story missions, global missions or side-quests.

Download Dead Trigger 2 from Google Play

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