Friday 18 October 2013

Microsoft launches remote desktop app for mobile devices

The application allows users to access their Windows PCs from their smartphones and tablets.

Microsoft has announced the launch of a remote desktop access application for Android and iOS based devices. With the remote desktop app users would be able to log on and browse through their desktop, even when it is in a remote location, via internet and browse through the content available on that computer.

This subsystem of remote desktop access is not new but for Microsoft offering it as a free application is what makes it unique. With this application users can be rest assured that all their data is accessible from anywhere in the world on their Android or iOS based devices at a touch of a button. All they would require is a working computer that is connected to an internet source and a mobile device with the Microsoft remote desktop application installed on it.

The application is compatible with the latest Windows 8 operating system and is compatible with older versions of the Windows operating system including Windows 7 and Vista; basically any windows operating system that has remote desktop protocol enabled, allowing the PC to be accessed over Internet.

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