Wednesday 16 October 2013

Google Now of home-screen replacement apps ‘Aviate’ enter private beta

Aviate team has announced that their intelligent home-screen has entered the private beta phase. It is available via Google Play ( but access is limited to users with invite code, which can be requested from the company website.(

Unlike other Android launchers or home-screen replacement apps, Aviate is not only dynamic but is contextually aware and provides information and apps when you need them.

“There is so much app clutter on our phones these days that even just simplifying that organizational element of being able to find apps is useful. Aviate of course takes this one step further in their intelligent home screen approach – which is to understand your context and what information and apps you find most valuable, and surface them to your home screen with an easy swipe down into that “Space.” Aviate is able to pull information from apps to surface them directly to your home screen,” Aviate team notes in a press release.

It was originally released in Alpha form a few months back and has got a great response from users. Aviate team claims that over 70K users downloaded the alpha and requested access to try out the launcher.

Here is a look at some of the features of Aviate beta

  • Simple organization of your apps
  • Contextual “Spaces” that proactively surface the apps and information you need, when you need it
  • New app discovery and recommendations based on your favourites
  • Beautiful, intuitive design

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