Sunday 20 October 2013

Pinnacle Studio: Quickly Create & Edit HD Videos On Your iPad

When you record videos through your smart device, you usually have to port the video to your computer to make useful edits to it or merge different videos together to make a longer video. But thanks to an app called Pinnacle Studio, you can do all that straight from your iPad.

Pinnacle Studio is a smart device application which is sized at nearly 67 MB and available for iPad devices running iOS version 5.1 or later. The app lets you masterfully edit photos, videos, and audio files on your iPad device; you can add these items to the storyboard and create beautiful videos that can be outputted in 1080p resolution. The intuitive interface and how-to guides in the app make using it extremely user-friendly.

Once you are done creating your videos you can share them directly on YouTube, Facebook, Box, or export the files directly to the desktop version of Pinnacle Studio and continue editing the video project. The video can also be emailed or simply exported to a video file.

A user-friendly smart device application.
Compatible with iPad devices.
Lets you edit media to create beautiful videos.
Video can have 1080p output.
You can share created videos on YouTube, Facebook, and Box, or via email.

Check out Pinnacle Studio for iOS @

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