Sunday 27 October 2013

PicLits: Get Inspiring Pictures & Words To Help You Write Creatively

To get started on a creative writing piece, you need to have the proper inspiration – something which is not always easy to find. What works for many are pictures as they bring new ideas to one’s mind. Here to help creative writers in that way is a web service called PicLits.

PicLits is a free to use web service that aims to inspire creative writers. The site provides you with an inspiring image that you can write a lot about. To further inspire you, you are given a list of useful words which you can drag onto the image. By rearranging these words or simply by looking at them you can spark new ideas and create sentences you previously were unable to come up with.

For writers who consider viewing such words a distraction, a Freestyle option is available which hides the words and only shows you the image.


  • A user-friendly web service
  • Helps inspire creative writers
  • Provides inspiring images
  • Lets you drag words to create sentences and spark new ideas

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