Wednesday 30 October 2013

Google smartwatch in late-stage development: Report

Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google’s rumoured smartwatch is in late-stage development and the company is already in talks with Asian suppliers to start the mass production of the device, which could begin within months.

The report adds that Google smartwatch will run on Android (not surprising at all) and come with Google Now support. Interestingly, WSJ notes that Google has been working to lower the power consumption of its smartwatch, so that the consumers don’t have to charge the device again and again. There is no word on how much battery backup will it exactly provide.

Google seems to be pretty serious about its smartwatch as it has been listening to the feedback of the existing smartwatches and wants to address the two key issues – usefulness and battery life in its own smartwatch.

As none of the existing smartwatches, whether it is from Samsung, Sony or the likes of Pebble, have caught the fancy of the consumers, Google has a great chance to be a leader if it gets everything right. The company will still have to face a huge competition from Apple, which has also been secretly working on its own smartwatch.

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