Sunday 6 October 2013

LovelyLabs: Search For Your Next Apartment Through Photos

There are many factors that one has to consider when checking out apartments. When we previously reviewed Lovely, we found a nice tool that helps you find apartments by location. Now, they have built a new search tool that focuses on photos with a Pinterest-style layout. Called Lovelylabs’s Pinterest tool, this tool should help you find apartments you may like based on their looks.

To sort through the photos, you can choose a metro area, then select a city or neighborhood. You can then trim down the searches to your preferred price range and apartment size. Clicking on the photo brings up the listing’s Google maps with a link to the full listing. With this, Lovely hopes to lure you into these apartments with images rather than a simple map.

Doing an apartment search of my own is a pleasant experience with this new tool. However, the lack of proper image attribute filters makes the search a little jarring to use. For example, you have the agents’ photo, marketing materials, and unit layouts posted with the other photos, which results into a mishmash of results that may not be as useful for some. Perhaps having only the best photo for each listing will help the searcher.

Overall, Lovelylabs has a useful tool with an even better potential. With more listings and better photo sorting, this app can help a lot of users who prioritize how places look before checking out where they are located.


  • Image-based apartment search tool.
  • Filter listings by metro, city, and neighborhood
  • Price filter and unit size also included
  • Click on image to check maps and full listings

Check out Lovelylabs’ Pinterest tool @

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