Sunday 6 October 2013

HollyApp: Create Powerful To-Do List From Simple Text

Being a tech geek, you would think that simple, common to-do apps are not enough for your nerdy needs. Everyone needs or uses a to-do app, but we all have our own styles. HollyApp is a web app that lets you create and edit to-do lists using pure text. By using tags, and nests, you can turn texts into a to-do lists that works for you.

What HollyApp really does is it simplifies the entry of items by creating a functional list from a block of text. Enter one item per line to create tasks, and then nest items by indenting them. Use a hashtag to tag items, and type “X” before an item to mark it done.

Despite being a to-do list for nerds, HollyApp is actually easy and straightforward to use. This tools saves you time when entering items while still being powerful enough to make it worthwhile. HollyApp also lets you set deadlines, add marks for concurrent tasks and more.


  • Create to-do lists from text.
  • Supports useful list features like nested items, tagging, and due dates.
  • Free and easy to use.
  • Converts text syntax to a functional list.
  • Use any text editor.

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