Saturday 6 July 2013

SQPad: Create & Fetch Quick Online Notes

If you are looking for a tool to let you write and keep notes online in the most common-sensical way possible, then you should check out SQpad. This app for the minimalist note-taker allows you to write and save stuff online, without the hassle of creating accounts and logging in.

SQpad’s filing system is pretty dry, but that is also a good thing if you are looking for a quick way to file stuff online for later access. Just write something and type in the file name to create a note. You can then go back and search your notes by name and date.

SQpad does not save your account information, but you can still protect a note by setting up a password for it. You can also choose the appropriate syntax highlights for your text, in case you want to save code snippets.

While SQpad may not be the ideal note-taking app for everybody, its straightforward implementation and no-nonsense storage is a plus for those who want to save snippets of text without having to use desktop apps or cloud services that require logins.


  • Web app for taking and fetching notes.
  • Easy to use, no login required.
  • Syntax highlighting available.
  • Access private notes using passwords.

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