Thursday 11 July 2013

Richer notifications feature available on Chrome for Windows

The Chrome browser on Windows has finally been updated to include richer notifications, confirms Google in a blog post. The feature, coupled with a revamped user interface, is an interesting way to view updates on the Chrome browser.

Once they’ve updated to the latest version, Chrome users on Windows will be able to view formatted text and images. These notifications can also include actions within a pop-up message, so as to allow users to respond to emails right away. This feature is set to come for Mac users too.

"Starting today Chrome users on Windows will see their browser updated to include richer notifications (Mac is coming soon). We’re excited to see what developers create and the convenience it brings to your day-to-day lives," Justin DeWitt, Software Engineer and Master of Messages and Meetings at Google writes.

The richer notifications feature was introduced as part of the release of Chrome 28, in May. Google’s Chrome 28 beta for the Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems had enabled Chrome apps and extensions to display these richer notifications.

“We’ve designed these notifications to be beautiful, useful and engaging,” Google's Somas Thyagaraja, Product Manager and Nifty Notifier had said while described this new feature.

By clicking on the notification center, users can view all of their notifications in one place – a good idea for those who cannot check them regularly. Not only will users be able to have access to these without opening the browser, they can even be disabled from any source.

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