Sunday 7 July 2013

Password Pad: Encrypt Password Data In Text Documents

Password Pad is the ultimate tool for people who need to password protect multiple text files of information, whether you want to store password information or write a novel. The application is available for Mac, iOS and as a cross-platform Java application and will easily sync between the apps.

Password Pad allows you to create multiple files which are password protected and controlled by Password Pad. Each file can use a different password, thus allowing for tighter security for some files. It will also log out if you are idle for too long, so it is perfect for people who are extra security conscious.

The encryption varies with versions of Password Pad: Password Pad Lite has XOR encryption, while the full version supports Triple DES encryption.

As this application is perfect for writers, there is extra writing features in the Mac version, such as full-screen mode to prevent distractions and a word count at the bottom of the screen.


  • Can have multiple password files.
  • Lots of room and flexibility to add password details.
  • Use find function to search for data within file.
  • Automatic locking when idle.

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