Tuesday 16 July 2013

OEM Secrets: A Search Engine for Electronic Components & Their Prices

There are many companies that manufacture electronic components like capacitors, transistors, and opamps. The prices of these components are not fixed and each supplier has its own prices. If you are going to buy large quantities of these products, you are going to go with the cheapest price and try saving as much as money as possible. Here to help you find the supplier that offers the cheapest price for your components is a website called OEM Secrets.

OEM Secrets is a search engine for electronic components. You type in the name of a component and the suppliers offering it are shown; you can view the price of the component and its price distribution depending on the number of components you buy. The suppliers are also divided into the “Franchise” and “Independent” categories. For Franchise suppliers you are provided direct purchasing links whereas you can request a quotation from the Independent suppliers, based on the number of components you are going to buy.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • A search engine for electronic components.
  • Lets you find the cheapest supplier for electronic components.
  • Categorizes suppliers into Franchise and Independent ones.

Check out OEM Secrets @ www.oemsecrets.com

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