Wednesday 10 July 2013

Hungama launches adaptive streaming for Android

The latest Hungama app allows users to stream music and control the quality automatically as per the connection.

On-demand entertainment content provider, Hungama, has announced the launch of its new applications for Android as well as iOS. The new Hungama application for Android comes with integrated support for adaptive streaming.

Adaptive streaming allows the application running on the device to be aware of the type of data connection the user is connected to. So depending upon the speed of data the device is able to access, the application chooses the best possible data rate or quality of audio or video to be played on the device. This technology is especially useful for devices running 2G or Edge data connections.

On the other hand, the Hungama application for iOS comes with something called 'Airplay ability' that allows users to beam music and videos to external players.

The Android Hungama application also brings in support for Google Wallet. This would allow users to instantly purchase content if they like anything on the application.

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