Sunday 14 July 2013 Make Entries To Your Virtual Journal Automatically [iOS] is an iPhone/ iPod Touch/ iPad app that helps you maintain a virtual journal without actually having to write anything by yourself. The app is designed in such a way that it automatically pulls in updates and posts on your social networks, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The resulting collection of thoughts, events and images are registered into the app as journal entries.

On days when you do not get the chance to log on to your social networks, you can simply add an entry to through the app itself, or email your thoughts to

Although its basic functionality is similar to the note writing app Evernote, where differs is its focus on letting the journal remain visible to the user only. For this reason, the app does not feature any sharing options.


  • Creates online backup automatically so that you do not lose any information.
  • Is soon to launch an option for making your journal entries even more permanent by getting them printed.

Download and install

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