Wednesday 3 July 2013

DuckDuckGoog: Get The Best Of Google And DuckDuckGo In One

Google and DuckDuckGo are both fantastic search engines. Google is by far the most used search engine on the Internet. It’s results tend to be the best for what you are looking for, and they do a fantastic job of making sure the quality content gets to the front page. DuckDuckGo is also a great search engine, and they have one key feature that Google does not, and that is their !Bang feature.

This feature automatically redirects you to a site instead of to the search results first. So you type “!Amazon cool socks,” it would take you right to the Amazon page instead of the search results. This helps save a few valuable seconds off your search times. DuckDuckGo has this feature, and it is one you could never get with Google, until DuckDuckGoog came along.

With DuckDuckGoog you can use the !Bang feature from Google’s search results. Simply type “!site what you are looking for” and it will use Google’s search to direct you right to the site. It’s an awesome way to get the best of two different search engines in one.


  • Use DuckDuckGoog’s !Bang feature with Google search
  • Combines the best of two great search engines

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