Tuesday 9 April 2013

Windows Phone store suffers app download woes

A glitch in the Windows Phone store coughs up an error related to app downloads and drives users crazy with its inability to fulfill app download requests.

Microsoft's Windows Phone store is reportedly suffering from a glitch that prevents smartphone owners from downloading apps. The error c101a006 is shown when a user tries to purchase, download or try an app from the Windows Phone Store. Windows Phone enthusiast website WP Central reported that the error has been troubling several users across different countries.

Earlier in January, Microsoft Windows Phone device users faced difficulty in downloading updates for the respective apps. However, this was limited only to US region based Windows Phone users. Now the new error coughing up for Windows Phone users is not letting them download even free apps. Microsoft acknowledged the issue and promised to work on fixing it.

However, the company acknowledged that the downloading problem exists only on Xbox music and video services while you are browsing or purchasing media.
As of now, the Windows Phone store, Xbox Music+Video and even Bing are reportedly suffering from download issues, which must be limited to select regions for we didn't face any such on our device.

Image Credit: wpcentral.com

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