Thursday 18 April 2013

New Nokia Lumia phone with 41 MP camera coming in July?

Nokia 808 Pureview is the only phone as of now to have a 41 MP camera.

Nokia is working on a new Lumia smartphone which will be released as soon as this July and will come with a 41 megapixel camera as the current Pureview 808, according to a report.

Nokia 808 Pureview was the first ever mobile phone to have such a humongous camera. After that Nokia promised to bring the camera technology to its Windows Phone based devices too. Though it did bring the Pureview technology to its Windows Phone device - the Lumia 920 - but the phone's camera capability was far less than what Pureview 808 possessed.

Now The Verge and My Nokia Blog, quoting its sources, have reported that the new Nokia Lumia phone will not only have the Pureview technology but it will possess the huge 41 megapixel lens as well. As per the report, the phone is in the making and will be launched in next couple of months or latest by July and will first come with AT&T in USA.

According to My Nokia Blog, there will be two versions of the upcoming Nokia handset with same features but with different processors, which include a dual core one and a quad Core processor based on Qualcomm 800 chipset.

The report also added that the phone will have aluminum body, 2000 mAH battery, and HD Amoled screen. In regards to actual camera performance the phone should pack a similar camera sensor as the Pureview 808 such as a 41 megapixel sensor, Xenon and LED flash, OIS (optical image stabilisation for super steady photos and videos) and a detailed camera UI.

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