Sunday 28 April 2013

42floors: A Search Engine That Helps In Finding Commercial Real Estate

There are numerous search engines online that let you search for property and real estate. But very few of these engines specify the type of property – residential or commercial. Even then, it cannot be convenient for an office searcher to filter through the residential and commercial properties. Imagine finally finding the place you want your new office to be, only to find that it is a residential location. Therefore there is a strong need for a search engine that is dedicated solely to searching for commercial real estate. This need is met by a tool called 42floors.

42floors is a web application that acts as a search engine for commercial real estate. Anytime you want to look for your new office, simply visit the homepage of 42floors. There you should select the area you are looking for commercial property in. A map will be generated that shows available properties. You can change the zoom levels on the map and drag it around. Properties are also loaded up in the left pane as a list, corresponding to the markers on the map.

If you click on a marker on the map, you will be shown its different units. You will also be shown its total area and its annual renting rate per square foot.

Clicking on a unit will display more details. These details include a photograph, an informative description, the size, rate, lease type, term, and any other available information that might be of use.

People interested in the property can then contact the phone number of the listing agent for that property. The number is mentioned on the property’s 42floors page.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Shows detailed information about each property.
  • Displays listing agent contact information.

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