Sunday, 28 April 2013

OutMyWindow: Control Privacy Settings Of Your Shared Photos [iOS]

It’s not always the case that we want all of our photos to be shared with everyone in the entire world.  More likely, we’d rather share some photos with family, others with friends, and then some with co-workers. Current social networks don’t necessarily provide the easiest ways to control the privacy of those photos, so more people will be seeing photos on your Facebook page than you may think. However, iOS users can enjoy a separate service which makes sharing photos and controlling who sees them super easy.

OutMyWindow is an entirely separate service which specializes in photo sharing. With OutMyWindow, you can control who sees what photos in a visually-appealing app which is also a good way to browse through all those images. You can also connect to other people and receive instant notifications on any new photos, and import photos from your camera or popular photo sharing site.

You can even send your photos to digital frames or internet-connected TVs.


  • Control who sees your photos.
  • Upload to specialized storage of 5GB for free.
  • Send to multiple devices.
  • Keep track of others’ photo activity.

Check it out @ the Apple App Store

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