Tuesday 30 April 2013

Japanese company unveils working mecha for kids

If you're into mecha anime, Japanese manufacturer Sakakibara Kikai has just the thing for you. The company has introduced a new product that is aimed towards kids. Dubbed the Cyclops, the robot stands at over six feet tall. It has a full range of motion that can be played with, including having the ability to manipulate arms or being able to walk in any direction. Much like anime, all you have to do is hop into the cockpit and start pushing buttons.

As of now, the price of the robot is unknown, but looking at the company's previous track record, it would be a good bet that a Cyclops would cost around $20,000, which roughly translates to Rs 10,86,500. You can check out the capabilities of the battery-operated robot in this video:

The last robot made by Sakakibara Kikai was dubbed the Landwalker. It is an 11 foot tall robot and is aimed at adults. It sounds like it would be great to have a few of these things at a party with your friends, since it's equipped with air cannons that can fire nerf balls. The Landwalker is powered by gasoline, and is pretty powerful. Much like the Cyclops, you can simply hop into the cockpit and start pushing buttons to operate the robot.

It isn’t surprising that something like this would come out of Japan, considering the country’s fascination and borderline obsession with robots, ranging from having cartoons to full-fledged video games and toys based around anime. As impractical as they are, it’s only a matter of time before the country starts weaponising these mecha.

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