Thursday 18 April 2013

We are building ‘just right’ sized stock Android phones: Motorola design chief

It seems Motorola has some really nice Android phones in the pipeline. First, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt’s remarked at D: Dive Into Mobile that upcoming Motorola phones are ‘phenomenal’ and not just phones but “phone plus.” Now, Motorola design chief Jim Wicks has echoed more positive sentiments about Motorola’s future line-up in an interview with PC Mag.

Wicks said that the first Google influenced Motorola phones will be appearing in the second half of 2013. “And, if you like smaller form-factor devices or stock Android, you’re going to be excited,” he added.

So, finally a smartphone manufacturer is realising that bigger is not necessarily always better. Personally, I have been postponing my next smartphone purchase because of the massive smartphones that are appearing in the market.  Every single manufacturer has their flagship in the form of a giant phone, HTC One might seem comparably smaller but I would still prefer a 4-4.5-inch smartphone.

“There are some people that like a big display, but there are also a lot of people that want something that’s just about right. I think ‘just right’ is important, and we’re designing so we don’t disappoint those people,” Wick told PC Mag.

Jim further revealed that Motorola will be using the stock version of Android to be able to push faster software updates and wants its devices to be the best expression of Android and Google.

He also added that Motorola will continue to keep the bezel in its smartphones as narrow as possible and scratch/ drop resistance features will be present.

All this is surely exciting and we would love to see what Motorola brings to the table when it announced its phones later this year.

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