Wednesday, 24 April 2013

iTunes lets you buy now and download later

Apple seems to be paying attention to its userbase. The company has updated its iTunes Store and has added the option to buy something but download it later. You have to be using iTunes 11 on a Mac or Windows, or an iOS device running iOS 6 or later.

At the moment, this is only available in countries where Apple supports iTunes in the Cloud, including India. You can check out the full list of countries where it is supported here.

Earlier, when buying music, movies or TV shows on iTunes, the software would automatically start downloading it. The best you could do before this was pause the download. This comes as a boon for someone who likes to buy music or movies on an iPhone, but has memory restraints. This would be especially useful for large files, such as movies.

Back in February, Apple had released a new update for the desktop iTunes client. The update, which bumped it to 11.0.2, addresses a few bugs as well as adds some new features that aim at making iTunes a smoother experience.

The update added a new Composer view for music. To check this option out, you can head to View Options and then Composer. Apple also says that iTunes 11.0.2 features improved "responsiveness when syncing playlists with a large number of songs".

Another issue that Apple addressed with this new update was the problem where a lot of purchased items were not showing up in users’ iTunes libraries. Minor bug fixes and performance improvements were also a part of iTunes’ bump to version 11.0.2.

The update builds upon the completely redesigned, snazzy new avatar of iTunes – iTunes 11 –  that released with much fanfare in November last year. Apple took its time with releasing the newly refurbished iTunes, announcing at the beginning of November that it wanted to take its time to get it right. It had stated that it was looking forward to releasing the new version of iTunes before the end of November, and the company made good on this promise.

Besides the design changes and the iCloud integration, the new iTunes featured a new look for online music, apps, TV and movie stores. It also had a spanking new interface that keeps your favourite iTunes content at the forefront. With iCloud integration, music, movie and TV show purchases made on any iOS device or computer are now displayed in your iTunes library. Apple claimed the redesigned iTunes Store, App Store and iBookstore were re-thought to make buying content on the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac or PC simpler.

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