Tuesday 9 April 2013

Google in talks to buy Whatsapp for $1 billion: Report

Google is reportedly in talks with Whatsapp makers to acquire this popular messaging service for around $1 billion.  The deal reportedly started four-five weeks ago and both the companies are now negotiating the price for Whatsapp, notes Digital Trends.

Report also adds that Whatsapp makers seem to realise their importance and are playing hardball to get a higher acquisition price.

Google, which is rumoured to be working on a unified communication platform ‘Babel,’ could easily integrate Whatsapp in it and it would be one killer communication platform.

Google’s video chat/ hangouts and normal chat services are already used by millions of people and Whatsapp will bring in a lot more users.

For Google, buying Whatsapp makes more sense than building a Whatsapp like service from scratch.  This isn’t the first time that Google is approaching Whatsapp and it is also not alone, rumours were circulating arounf very recently that Facebook was in talks with Whatsapp for a possible acquisition.

No other details are available at the moment and we will update the post as soon as we find something else.

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