Thursday 18 April 2013

Amazon reportedly acquires Evi, an alternative to Apple Siri

Reports about Amazon's acquisition of voice-guided search - Evi have cropped online while parties involved remain tight-lipped.

Amazon has been reported of working on a Google Android based smartphone since last year. However, no concrete plans or details on the same are available on the same. Now Techcrunch has learned from their sources that Amazon has quietly acquired Evi Technologies that has a voice-control driven app - Evi which is almost like Apple Siri, the personal assistant.

Apple Siri is a personal assistant combines the natural language processing smartly with search and delivers nearly accurate results. Several similar natural language processing based voice-search apps have been released in last two years. However, Evi is one of the unique ones that grabbed Amazon's attention. The Evi voice-control app is available for the Apple iOS and Google Android Platform.

From the previous reports about Amazon smartphone, it is quite likely that Amazon is working on a smartphone that offers Evi powered voice-search. Looking at the Kindle Fire tablet family, Amazon is reported of considering Android for the smartphone.

Google has already integrated its Voice Search in the Google Now and made it stand out than the previous version of Google Search. Meanwhile, Samsung is busy making S-Voice better and LG is preparing to launch Q Voice. The voice-control based search will be stepping into next level as most smartphone makers are working to introduce their own version. HTC teased something similar but hasn't really announced any plans about a digital personal assistant.

Amazon Kindle Fire tablets forced Google to introduce Nexus 7 and Apple to bring iPad Mini. Now it would be interesting to see the Amazon smartphone and it's pricing, if at all the project is in the pipeline.

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