Saturday, 20 April 2013

Ivideon: Set Up A Home Video Surveillance System & Check Out The Live Footage & Archived Recordings

Surveillance companies will charge you a fortune if you want to get any type of surveillance system installed. Even a minor surveillance system will end up costing you a lot since not only do you want a straightforward video monitoring tool but you also want a way to store video archives. With a regular surveillance solution, you need to employ an extra hard drive for the video archiving task.

But there is a tool with which you can not only set up video surveillance using a camera and existing computers, but you can also extend the surveillance to iOS and Android smartphones. This tool is called Ivideon.

Ivideon is a practical surveillance solution for anybody who wants to save the money that regular surveillance companies will charge them. The service works via a server application which you install on a computer. After you install this application, you can specify which camera to add for surveillance. Multiple cameras can be added to the surveillance server and each one will have a unique identity. Furthermore, you will have the option to enable video archiving using the footage from these cameras.

By entering the preferences of the server application, you can specify the amount of hard disk space that will be dedicated to video archiving. The video storage folder can also be specified.

You can use any web browser to sign into your Ivideon account and select a webcam to view its live broadcast. The service even offers iOS and Android smartphone applications through which you can view the webcam feeds.

The Ivideon server application comes for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. You can also get the server firmware for IP cameras.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Helps setup a video surveillance network.
  • Can broadcast live camera feed for you to see.
  • Supports multiple cameras.
  • Can archive video recordings based on hard disk space allocation.

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