Tuesday 30 April 2013

Make and receive phone calls with updated version of AirDroid

Android app AirDroid has been updated to version 2.0. The biggest change in the update is that it now gives access to your phone with a cellular data connection, as opposed to Wi-Fi being the only option in the earlier versions. The major advantage for this is that you don’t need the phone to be connected to the same network as the computer to use AirDroid. This can be done by simply scanning a QR code, or making an AirDroid account and using that to log into your phone. You can grab the update from Google Play.

Other added functionality includes a "Find my Phone" feature that lets you track your phone in case it gets lost or stolen, a remote wipe option in case your phone gets into the wrong hands, and a camera option that lets you access your phone's front or rear camera, take pictures, and store them directly on your computer without directly activating the display. There are also incoming call notifications as well as the ability to start outgoing calls. Along with all of this, there have been improvements and bug fixes to improve the stability of the app.

AirDroid gives you the ability to control your phone from a computer. It also lets you access all the files on your phone, including APKs, music, photos and videos, among others. The handset is controlled through a web app on a browser, which has an interface very similar to that of Android. You can do various things like view or download videos, use your contact lists, or even send and receive messages.

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