Sunday, 28 April 2013

Currently: Replace New Browser Tab With Weather & Current Time [Chrome]

Using various shortcuts such as links on your bookmarks toolbar, you can quickly open your most visited webpages. As a result, a lot of people do not make use of the webpage shortcuts on the New Tab page in their browsers. Fortunately you can replace those shortcuts with something informative such as the time and weather, all thanks to a tool called Currently.

Currently is a free to use browser extension compatible with Google Chrome. After you install the application, it replaces the default New Tab page with a visually appealing page displaying the current time and the day’s weather of your city.

The extension’s options let you control preferences like temperature display in Fahrenheit or Celsius, time display in 12-hour and 24-hour formats, choosing a background color, toggling the seconds display on and off, and toggling the animation on and off.

In case your location is not accurately detected automatically, you can type in your location manually.

This neat little application is excellent for people who work with their browsers set to full screen. They don’t need to exit the full screen mode to view the mode – all they have to do is open a new tab.

The weather information is a nice little touch to help you learn what kind of weather you should be expecting in the upcoming days.


  • A user-friendly browser extension.
  • Compatible with Google Chrome.
  • Replaces New Tab page with time and weather information.
  • Lets you control time and weather display type.

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