Thursday 18 April 2013

Upcoming Motorola phones are “phenomenal”: Eric Schmidt

Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt revealed at the D: Dive Into Mobile conference that the upcoming Motorola smartphones are “phenomenal.” He went on to further praise them and said “think of them as phones-plus.”

Well, Google is really raising our expectations for these upcoming Moto phones, which probably include the much-rumoured X Phone from the company.

He did not add much about these phones, but he did share some statistics about Android activations.

According to Schmidt, there are currently around 1.5 million Android devices activated each day, which is up from the last reported 1.3 million count. He also added that the total activations should cross 1 billion by the end of year.

Here’s a timeline of Android device activations till now

April 16, 2013: 1.5 million devices
September 5, 2012: 1.3 million devices
June 27, 2012 1,000,000 devices
Feb 27, 2012: 850,000 devices
Dec21, 2011: 700,000 devices
July 15, 2011: 550,000 devices
June 28, 2011: 500,000 devices
May 10, 2011: 400,000 devices
Feb 24, 2011: 350,000 devices
Dec 9, 2010: 300,000 devices
Aug 4, 2010: 200,000 devices
In addition, he stated that currently Android devices are being offered by 320 carriers in 160 countries.

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