Friday 26 April 2013

UC Browser launches new mobile versions

The new versions brings in world class features for Android, iOS and even Java based mobile phones.

Three new versions of UC browser, a popular third party web browser application, have been launched for Android, iOS and even Java based devices. All these applications are available for free.

The new UC browser 9.0 for Android comes with user interface related enhancements including multiple start-up screens and unlimited speed-dials as well as the ability to drag and drop shortcuts or favorites to create folders. With that the users can also customise their UC Browser by downloading themes and wallpapers from the UC Theme Center. The new UC Android browser also has the capability of caching videos allowing for playback at a later point of time even if you don't have internet connectivity.

For Java based mobile devices, UC Browser has also introduced a new version. The UC Browser 9.0 for Java offers free online storage services. Users will get 2 GB of permanent storage space online; and 4 GB of storage space for 7 days as a part of the new launch. It also comes with the ability to save log in information. Thus users can save their usernames and passwords of several websites such as Facebook and G-Mail on the browser itself which will make logging-in more convenient than before.

The UC Browser version 2.0 is meant for the Apple iPad. As per UC Browser, the new version comes with 300 per cent increase in 3D graphics processing ability. Apple iPad users can cache webpages including their videos, pictures and text on their devices using the new browser. And these can then be viewed later even without a network connection.

Another interesting feature is the UC Cloud downloads. In this the server helps users download large files fast, as well as files with formats not typically supported by other mobile operating systems and browsers. This saves traffic otherwise wasted on failed downloads.

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