Friday 12 April 2013

Microsoft Office for Android not coming until ‘fall 2014’?

A leaked two-year Microsoft Office roadmap indicates that the debut of Office for Android might be farther than earlier anticipated. ZDNet, which has posted this roadmap, thinks the leak to be a real deal.

Well, this is certainly sad news for many, who were expecting to see the Office for Android this year. Anyways, we already have plethora of Office Suites available in Google Play, so not really a deal-breaker here.

“Rumors about Microsoft’s plans to deliver Office for iOS and Android have been circulating for more than a year. Microsoft officials have never outright denied these apps were in development. A number of us Microsoft watchers heard from our various sources that these apps were on track to be delivered by early to mid-2013,” ZDNet noted in a report.

Microsoft, as expected, has declined to say anything on the leaked roadmap.

As the roadmap does not mention anything about tablets or phones, there is still no word on whether Microsoft will be releasing Office for both Android phones and tablets or not. The pricing or subscription model also remains in question.

The late-2014 release of Office for Android is only going to harm Microsoft, unless company is waiting for more Windows Phone uptake and wants to keep it a WP exclusive for more time.

Here is a look at leaked roadmap:

Gemini Wave 1.0 (October 2013): Windows Blue app updates
Gemini Wave 1.5 (April 2014): Office for Mac; Office RT refresh; Perceptive Pixel support; Windows Phone support refresh
Gemini Wave 2.0 (October 2014): Outlook RT; Office for iOS/Android

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