Tuesday 2 April 2013

jQuery Slider Shock: A Responsive jQuery Slider With Many Layouts & Other Options

Many websites you visit have a webpage element on top that basically showcases images in a slideshow pattern. This page element is actually a jQuery slider that can be modified to showcase images and articles on your website. You can code up your own jQuery image sliding element or you can use save your time and use one of the many online jQuery slider generators.

These jQuery slider creators basically let you set the options for your slider and output the code you can embed on your website. Unfortunately many of these sliders are not feature-rich enough hence they are not suited to all situations. But this is all changed by a jQuery tool called jQuery Slider Shock.

jQuery Slider Shock is a web tool that is extremely feature-rich and offers possibly everything you would want to do with a jQuery slider. Firstly, the slider supports not only images but also videos, with the thumbnails of all entries being displayed on the side; this media can either be stored locally or on external websites such as Hulu, YouTube, or an RSS feed.

You can transition from one image / video to another in more than 30 ways. Each of these transitions is customizable and their details such as speed and delay can also be set according to your own preferences. The homepage of jQuery Slider Shock has a demo generator that lets you modify various options and generate the result on the homepage itself. You can play around with the options to realize the potential of the tool.

The features of the sliders can be quickly previewed by clicking on the options available at its homepage.

The slider is free for personal use but the free version offers limited features. To unlock all features, you will need to get one of the premium versions that start from $19 per website.


  • A user-friendly web development tool.
  • Helps create jQuery sliders.
  • Supports locally stored and externally stored videos and images.
  • Lets you preview all features on site homepage.

Check out jQuery Slider Shock @ www.jqueryslidershock.com

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