Thursday 11 April 2013

Google launches Play Music in seven more countries

Continuing the expansion of Google Play Music service, Google has announced the launch in seven more countries including Australia and New Zealand. Other countries where Google Play Music has went live include Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxemburg and Portugal.

In addition to buying digital music from Google Play Store, users in these seven countries will also have access to Google’s cloud Music locker service, which lets them store their personal music as well as music purchases from Google Play.

“Google Play makes it easy for you to buy your favourite songs and albums, and instantly add them to your music library. Our free music locker also means that you can add up to 20,000 songs from your existing music collection to Google Play instantly and listen to them from any computer or Android phone or tablet, even when you’re offline,” Google noted in a blog post.

Google is also providing local musical content to buyers in the new countries, like in Australia – users can find the latest releases from established Australian artists such as Delta Goodrem, Havana Brown and Lisa Mitchell. Similarly in New Zealand, music from artists such as Brooke Fraser, Kimbra and Shapeshifter, will be available in Google Play.

Google currently offers several content types in its Play Store like eBooks, Music, Movies, Apps, Magazines and TV series, but not everything is available in every country. Google has increasingly more become more active to expand its content catalogue in more countries like the Music expansion in the seven countries earlier today or launch of Movies in India and Mexico last month.

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