Monday 3 October 2011

Transform Windows 7 PC to Android [Skin Pack Download].

Are you an ardent Android fan, well then we have something that will help you metamorphose your Windows 7 Desktop/Laptop and make it look like an Android device.

An Android theme pack released by a developer named ‘hamed’ brings Android visual style to any Windows 7 PC. This theme pack currently supports Windows 7 and Windows 7 SP1 powered computers.

This Android skin pack comes with an easy installer, but you need to make sure a few things before you make any changes to your live machine.

1. Make sure to create a system restore point or even make a full backup in case if have some really important work stored on your computer and you don’t want to mess that up.
2. Disable User Account Controller (Guide here)
3. Close all the running programs

You can grab the 32bit or 64bit installers from here and continue with the transformation of your PC to an Android clone. Make sure to restart computer after install.

Here are some screenshots of a computer running Android Skin Pack for you.

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