Saturday 15 October 2011

CloudExperience: Gives You Free 10 Gb Of Storage On The Cloud.

Data backups on your computer are not safe from physical damage to the hard drive. In addition to solving this problem, online backups make your data remotely accessible. Here to help you create online backups of important data is the wonderful web service called Cloud Experience.

Cloud Experience is a website that lets you create online backups of your data. The site offers various paid and one free account; the free account provides the user with 10GB of free data storage. After you create an account on the site you can download its offline applications; there are different versions for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and BlackBerry. These applications quietly synchronize data from your computer or phone to your Cloud Experience online folders. The online interface gives you a clear view of the files you have uploaded along with their upload dates.

You can also view a list of recent activity to your account from the online interface.

Watch video:


1.> A user-friendly web service.
2.> Lets you create online backups of your data.
3.> Offers 10GB of free storage space.
4.> Has desktop applications for Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and BlackBerry.
5.> Keeps a log of your synchronization activity.

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