Monday 24 October 2011

‘Xbox Next’ to launch in 2013?

According to rumours flying on the internet, Microsoft and other industry partners are working hard at a possible 2013 launch for the next generation Xbox 360. Develop-online has got some inside tips from multiple sources across the industry, from chip manufacturers to other middleware companies that the new X360 or ‘Xbox Next’ should see an E3 2013 unveiling. If there are unforeseen delays (as there usually are), this timeline may be pushed back to early 2014. We just hope Microsoft don’t rush into it like they did last time, just to have the ‘First in the world’ title and end up ruining a good product.

Details are still very sketchy at this point in time about the features of the console and what it can do but you can be assured of one thing, it will have a deep integration with their Windows Phone 7 platform as well as Kinect motion controller. There’s also word that Lionhead Studios is working on a project, internally named ‘Fable Next’, which is supposed to be one of the launch titles for the new console. Epic Games founder, Tim Sweeny, also revealed that a new Unreal Engine would be ready before 2014, so we can expect games based on that as well. Microsoft is not the only one who’s busy at work, rumour has it that even Sony is hard at work at their next-gen PS4 console.

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