Saturday 22 October 2011

Kingston launches Wi-Drive for iOS devices in India.

The amount of available storage on an iOS device has always been a limiting factor for users especially since there is no external memory support. Kingston has launched the Wi-Drive in India which is a handy solution for this issue faced by Apple iOS users. The Wi-Drive offers an extended storage option available in 16GB and 32GB capacities so one is no longer limited to the space available within their iPhone, iPod or iPad.

The Wi-Drive provides pocket-sized portable storage and easy file-sharing on the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. It also features integrated Wi-Fi as well as one can download the Wi-Drive app for free from the App Store. This makes sharing of personal media extremely easy. By using this new storage solution, up to three people can access media and files at the same time. Apart from this, it instantly compiles and organizes files, music and videos in separate folders making it easier to locate your files when required.

Speaking about the launch of the Wi-Drive in India, Nidhi Sethi, Sales Director for Kingston India said, “Wi-Drive is an ideal solution for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch users who feel confined by their current storage capacity. With a perfect blend of functionality and durability, I believe the product will be well received by both casual users as well as informed tech enthusiasts.”

Kingston claims that the flash-based memory technology found in the device is more durable than traditional platter-based hard drives, and enables faster file accessibility. The Wi-Drive is available in India at Rs. 9,900 for the 16GB and Rs. 11,900 for the 32GB. For more information, click the link here.

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