Monday 3 October 2011

Microsoft Canada reveals new WP Nokia device, the Nokia Sabre

Microsoft Canada has accidentally leaked the name of their new Windows Phone Nokia device after the Searay, as reported by WP Central. The name of the new phone, the Nokia Sabre, was leaked in the rule page for a Mango-app contest. Besides this, the only specs that have currently been revealed by WP Central are that the phone will have a 3.7-inch screen and a micro SIM card slot.

The terms and conditions that were spotted (and now seem to have been removed from Microsoft Canada’s web page) had the following text, “The type of Windows Phone 7.5 will vary and will be selected at Microsoft’s choosing (examples include Samsung Yukon, Samsung Wembley, NOKIA Searay and NOKIA Sabre). Wireless carrier and wireless service not included. Activation terms and conditions are at the sole discretion of the phone manufacturer and wireless carrier.”

Things seem to be heating up this October with Apple’s impending iPhone5, Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich devices and now Nokia Windows Phone devices slated to be launched soon. Do you think Nokia and Windows can pull off something similar to what Apple did with its first iPhone, and wow the world with a revolutionary device? Let us know in the comments section below.

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