Tuesday 18 October 2011

HP tablets may return, but only with Windows 8.

HP decided to stop production of their WebOS tablets and smartphones a while back, but it looks like they aren’t completing giving up on the idea of tablets. A story by PCMag states that HP might in fact return to making tablets. This time, it won’t be WebOS but Windows 8 and it’s said to be releasing sometime next year. HP was said to be developing a Windows 8 tablet before the TouchPad came along but there’s no saying how well the Windows 8 HP tablets will sell. Recently appointed HP CEO, Meg Whitman may choose to reverse the decision made by previous CEO, Leo Apotheker to stop focusing on tablets as well as notebooks and PCs.

HP bought over Palm for some $1.2 billion and decided to use their operating system, webOS on some of their products. Soon after the TouchPad tablet failed and HP decided to discontinue them, prices for the tablet crashed to roughly $99 for the cheapest model. Dell is said to be working closely with Microsoft on the Windows 8 tablets as well. HP and Dell would then be some of the tablet manufacturers going ahead with Windows 8 on their tablets while some others such as Acer and Asus might continue using Android as their OS.

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